Supporting your organization’s oncology product, service and initiative development

For pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, the payer community, and information software innovators

ECG collaborates with companies and organizations moving into the oncology space or expanding their footprint.

We provide market, strategy and financial guidance specific to your niche. ECG has the market knowledge required to advance your strategic position or product.

ECG services include:

• Cancer program/services or organizational inventory and assessment
• Stakeholder interviews to inform planning opportunities and metrics
• Market share and projections by type of cancer and oncology program service
• Outmigration by type of cancer
• Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats assessment
• Facilitation of strategic plan development with a customized process based on your organization’s goals
• Outcomes driven plan development correlating with institutional vision, goals, and pillars
• Market assessment related to product development or enhancement
• Strategic recommendations correlating with end-user requirements
• Assessment of financial issues related to payment for product
• Options for place of service utilization based on end-user and payment issues

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