Cancer services revenue cycle assessments

Oncology revenue cycle assessments including audits, for hospitals, oncologists and legal counsel.

Correct coding and documentation for oncology services has been a focus for ECG for nearly thirty years.

Working directly with your program, compliance officer or under attorney client privilege, ECG brings the knowledge and experience required to assess your program or practice compliance with regulatory and payor requirements.

ECG Oncology Strategic Planning services include:

• Cancer program/services or organizational inventory and assessment
Assessment of:
– Financial clearance process for ambulatory oncology services
– Charge master maintenance, review and usage
– Selection and documentation of charge codes
Charge input and capture:
– Billing process including input, systems components and charge flow
– Payment for pharmaceuticals provided in ambulatory infusion areas
– Process For Working Claims in suspense or denials
– Requests by payors for supporting documentation prior to payment
– Use of code modifiers
– Co-payment, billing, collections and write-offs
– Other collection issues

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