Cancer services assessments to leverage opportunities for expansion and growth

ECG assists in evaluating new services or service expansion opportunities.

New program assessments identify opportunities for a range of scenarios: rural providers, community hospitals, health systems, clinically integrated networks, academic medical centers, NCI designated cancer centers and oncology organizations.

ECG assists with identifying the best position for your cancer program, within a challenging payment and competitive environment.

Service volume projections for new or expanded services are developed for your cancer program, cancer center or oncology service line. Sound planning assumptions developed with a realistic assessment of your environment are embedded in ECG project deliverables.

ECG also provides associated financial proformas supporting economic and programmatic feasibility for your new service.

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ECG Cancer Program / Services Assessment services include:

• Cancer program/services or organizational inventory and assessment
• Stakeholder interviews to inform opportunities, direction and metrics
• Profile and correlation of current cancer related service offerings with comprehensive services options
• Identification of programmatic strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
• Market share and projections by type of cancer
• Outmigration by type of cancer
• Competitor oncology service analysis
• Programmatic barriers
• Cancer program development or expansion plan
• Quantification of oncology program services, revenue costs and contribution margin

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