Business Planning & Financial Proformas

Space Planning, Care Integration & Oncology Network Development


WESTERN REGION: ECG was engaged by a national architectural firm to provide best practices in cancer center design and operations at the request of an NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, an academic medical center, and a Children’s Hospital. Consulting services included: • At the request of the three institutions, ECG was retained by the architect to address patient and staff flow, service locations within the cancer center and to assure that the needs of the patients, family and staff are addressed in the facility plan.  Integration of inpatient services are also included in the ambulatory plan. • The new [...]

Community Hospital Cancer Center Expansion


WESTERN REGION: ECG developed a market assessment and facilitated teams to identify space requirements for expansion of community cancer center. ECG consulting services included: • Cancer program assessment with recommendations. • Market assessment to inform clinical service and space planning requirements. • Projection of space requirements, including key adjacencies supporting staff and patient flow. Outcome: Cancer Center expansion completed.

Facility, Operational & Program Planning for Academic Medical Center


WESTERN REGION: An academic medical center’s vision included achieving NCI designation. ECG provided interim cancer center space planning, clinical, and financial assistance for the proposed cancer center and faculty. ECG consulting services included: • An academic medical center engaged ECG to assist with space planning for clinical oncology services in an interim cancer center facility. • ECG collaborated with architects designing their first health care facility. The space planning project was completed in sixty days. • Cancer Center clinical and business plans were developed by ECG including medical oncology and associated infusion space, pharmacy and laboratory services, surgical and [...]

NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center Consulting Services


EASTERN REGION: ECG has collaborated over the past 22 years with an NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in successful completion of their objectives. ECG consulting services included: • ECG was embedded in an external consulting team engagement. The external firm was retained to address clinical operations for all services at the Academic Medical Center and required ORC’s provision of in depth expertise in oncology operations. • ECG was charged with providing best practices in cancer center operations.  Provided organizational models supporting new cancer center development at a hospital acquired by the Health System. Models included private practice and faculty oncologist [...]

Cancer Center Expansion Facility, Strategic and Business Planning


MIDWESTERN REGION: A freestanding community cancer center, jointly owned by two hospitals, has undergone numerous renovations. The Cancer Center Board confirmed the need to expand cancer center space. A key project goal was elimination of inefficiencies impacting space requirements in cancer center expansion. ORC identified multiple process improvement opportunities impacting future infusion chair requirements. ECG consulting services included: • ECG was retained with a local architectural firm to determine space requirements for cancer center expansion. ECG provided a detailed oncology market analysis for the 10 county service area, including market growth projections by zip code and by county for [...]

NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center Oncology Network Development


MIDWESTERN REGION: For one of the largest NCI Designated Cancer Centers in the United States, ECG facilitated discussions with leaders of the health system, academic medical center, the cancer center and faculty to determine the potential for developing an Oncology Affiliation Network. ECG consulting services included: • Facilitation of health system, medical center, and faculty leadership discussions to determine basis for agreement to form an affiliation network. • Provision of models correlating with leadership and potential affiliates’ interest. • Market projections and baseline cancer market share by type of cancer to inform decision making. • Provision of key interview [...]

Program, Financial & Space Planning


MIDWESTERN REGION: A two hospital health system serving a large geographic service area identified cancer center development as a strategic priority. ORC provided patient volume projections and assisted hospital clinical and administrative leadership with space programming for a new cancer center. ECG consulting services included: • ECG provided a cancer center concept and best practices presentation to senior leadership and fifty members of the hospital’s medical staff to introduce the concept of cancer center development. • Financial proformas developed by ECG for facility and non-facility based medical oncology services. • ECG assisted a local architectural team with space and [...]

Strategic Plan for Academic Medical Center with NCI Designated Clinical Cancer Center


MIDWESTERN REGION: In preparation for the opening of a new cancer center facility, an academic medical center engaged ECG to facilitate strategic plan development. ECG consulting services included: • Eighty stakeholder interviews including clinical and basic research faculty, medical center academic and administrative leadership, cancer center leadership, private practice oncologists and specialty physicians, oncology care team members and finance staff. • Market assessments for surgical, medical and radiation oncology services and bone marrow transplant services. • Facilitation of  twelve multidisciplinary planning teams, including basic scientists, clinicians, private practitioners, administrative leaders and care team members. • Presentation of ranked strategic [...]

Space Planning & Best Practices for Cancer Facility Planning


SOUTHERN REGION: Health system leadership engaged ECG as a space planning team member to provide  best practices in cancer center facility design. ECG consulting services included: • ECG staff were imbedded in the client planning and architectural teams with the designated role of providing best practices in cancer center development. • The De Novo cancer center includes inpatient beds, an adult and pediatric peripheral blood stem cell program, pediatric oncology, a radiation therapy department with academic offices for physicians and physicists and a therapy school, multidisciplinary clinics, a pharmacy supporting inpatients and ambulatory patients, a Phase I research unit, [...]

Affiliation Expansion & Satellite Cancer Center Feasibility


SOUTHERN REGION: ECG consultants supported expanded affiliation discussions between an NCI Designated Cancer Center in the Northeast and a community hospital in the Southern United States. ECG consulting services included: • Consulting staff conducted interviews at both Medical Centers, informing key areas of interest in an expanded oncology affiliation relationship. • ECG provided a detailed market analysis to inform expanded affiliation discussions. • The firm provided oncology affiliation clinical and business models to a joint steering committee and facilitated discussions between the parties. • The respective parties selected key areas of interest from these models supporting an expanded affiliation. [...]

Strategic Planning & Alignment Engagement


SOUTHERN REGION: A 400 hundred bed hospital with a sophisticated, well-positioned cancer program was strategically focused on the opening of a new cancer center by another hospital in the same community.  ECG consultants collaborated with hospital leadership on three projects spanning a ten year period. ECG consulting services included: • Oncology strategic plan development incorporating market and competitive benchmarks, interview findings, and recommendations from strategic planning working groups. • Comprehensive financial analyses reflecting varying joint venture options between the hospital and a large group practice for collaborative development of medical oncology and radiation oncology services under multiple organizational structures. [...]

Revenue Cycle Analysis


EASTERN REGION: An academic medical center with a comprehensive cancer center, retained ECG to address billing, coding, documentation and revenue cycle issues.  The frontend and backend revenue cycle review included ambulatory chemotherapy and infusion area, and the associated oncology pharmacy.  Charge masters for all services were reviewed. ECG consulting services included: • Assessment of processes from time of patient registration, prior authorization and pre certification, check-in, diagnosis coding, charge capture pre- and post-interface to finance and collections were assessed. • Onsite audit correlating nursing documentation with encounter documentation, physician orders, and time based billing for services provided. • ECG [...]

Strategic Planning & Cancer Center Development for Community Hospital


EASTERN REGION: Collaborating with leadership and medical staff of a 164 bed community hospital in the Mid-Atlantic region, ECG developed a strategic plan for development of an oncology service line with the goal of multidisciplinary cancer center development. ECG consulting services included: • Oncology program assessment. • Oncology strategic plan development. • Cancer center market, programmatic and financial feasibility requirements. • Plan presentation to the hospital board of trustees. • Cancer center space planning. • Operational plan development with ongoing monthly support for the cancer center administrative director concurrent with cancer center facility planning, construction and operational start-up. Outcome: [...]

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