A depth of operational and clinical experience among ECG’s professional consultants informs and enhances our collaborative oncology consulting and project work.

Jessica Turgon

Jessica co-leads our Oncology Consulting practice. Her expertise in developing oncology service lines, as well as leading operations and service line improvement initiatives, has helped academic and community clients achieve market growth and financial stability, improve service offerings, and enhance patient experience. Jessica has led major operations improvement initiatives that enhanced patient access, increased physician productivity, and maximized revenue collection in both the hospital and physician practice settings. She coauthored Oncology: Strategies for Superior Service Line Performance, a book published by HealthLeaders Media. Jessica’s articles on oncology reimbursement trends, performance optimization tactics, and service line development strategies have been featured in several national publications. Prior to joining ECG, she spent almost 10 years leading cancer programs at academic medical centers.

Matt Sturm

Matt co-leads our Oncology Consulting practice. Utilizing more than 16 years of consulting experience, he assists clients with developing and expanding their oncology programs through improved clinical coordination, enhanced physician leadership, and increased clinical capabilities. Matt has established a track record of developing innovative solutions to complex problems and focused his career on improving access to high-quality clinical care, especially for those with life-threatening conditions. To this end, he works with health systems to create enhanced, sustainable, and comprehensive care delivery models.

Matt has completed over 130 oncology-related engagements with over 70 clients. He views every oncology project as an opportunity to aid in the war on cancer; his technical expertise, relentless drive, and collaborative approach yield enduring benefits for the clients and organizations he serves. Matt’s work has included developing strategic plans, providing support in launching new clinical modalities, and assisting programs with growth and expansion opportunities through acquisition and partnership. He has also helped several leading cancer centers pursue NCI comprehensive designation and develop new or expanded services. Matt’s technical expertise, relentless drive, and collaborative approach to working with his clients yield enduring benefits for the organizations he serves. In addition to Matt’s leadership of ECG’s Oncology practice, he holds leadership roles with ACE and the ACCC. Matt is also a frequent author and speaker on related topics. He is coauthor and editor of the book Oncology: Strategies for Superior Service Line Performance.

Matt is also a firm leader in business transactions. He has facilitated nearly 100 complex business transactions among hospitals, health systems, and medical groups. Matt has a track record of developing innovative solutions to complex problems, ultimately finding a way to get the deal done while providing pragmatic counsel to ensure that the arrangement will be durable.

ECG brings a multidiciplinary approach to all of our engagements, providing a depth and breadth of knowledge to meet your consulting needs.

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