Affiliations network development and partnership planning

Developing strategic partnerships for integrated cancer care delivery.

Community hospitals and cancer centers, health systems, NCI designated cancer centers, multispecialty and oncology practices, as well as payers, are forging strategic partnerships to advance the delivery of cancer care.

Most strategic planning projects include consideration of partnership or affiliations. ECG provides affiliation models for community hospitals, academic medical centers and NCI designated cancer centers.

From coast to coast, we’ve assisted NCI designated cancer centers develop affiliation networks, community hospitals determine best options for affiliation relationships and oncology practices as they consider affiliate agreements.

ECG assists academic medical centers, health systems, NCI Designated Cancer Centers and community hospitals develop oncology networks

• Assessing and further developing affiliation networks
• Cancer affiliate network strategic and operational planning
• Collaborative cancer program/cancer center/cancer network development with multiple institutional entities and physicians/faculty

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