Providing sound assessments to inform oncology decision-making

Assessments and business planning for superior clinical, operational and financial performance.

In a challenging financial climate, informed decision-making is key to successful oncology planning.

ECG provides transparent financial projections based on a deep knowledge of cancer market and financial trends, including the nuances of payment for cancer services.

Projections for surgical oncology, medical and radiation oncology, and facility and non-facility based services are all in our business planning portfolio.

ECG Business Planning and Financial Proformas services include:

• Financial feasibility analyses for hospital based, physician owned, joint ventured, and satellite cancer centers
• Proformas include:
– Patient volume projections
– Fee schedule development
– Gross revenues
– Net revenues
– Direct operating expense including equipment and oncology staffing requirements
– Operating margin
– Indirect expenses
– Net income (loss)
• Sensitivity analysis based on location of service or payment shifts

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